Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Sam and I am a psychic spell caster who is blessed with 7 very powerful guides that help me with my spell work. I am a lady in her forties, gentle and compassionate but honest, I don't sugar coat things and say what you want to hear. I like to get to the point of things and will look at every aspect of what you want as you have to be entirely sure, my work is precise.


I have been in psychic circles of spiritual churches for over 15 years, and I have learnt powerful magic from all over the world and picked up rituals and prayer work from all areas.


I have spent many years travelling back and forth to Haiti, New Orleans, Thailand and Egypt. I pray to voodoo saints and perform alter work for them with my guides, I also do wicca magic, and shaman magic. Depending on the situation, I choose which method is right for you and your case. I live and work in the UK and am always easily reachable when I start your work.


Your wish is my command.